Trust where you buy and sell your tickets.  We regulate fan-to-fan transactions. We work with primary ticket suppliers to ensure all of your events tickets are sold and controlled through UpFront

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A Secure Exchange for Fans

By using the Ethereuem blockchain, UpFront controls the resale pricing for each event. Price ceilings and floors can be set according to performers’ and promoters’ preferences. By regulating all resold tickets, we verify each ticket, ensuring fans end up with the valid ticket they paid for.

No Price Gouging. No Fraudulent Tickets.

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A form of supply chain management through blockchain. While regulating each fan-to-fan transaction, we update the ticket’s ownership, much like in a stock market. When tickets are resold, the buyers identification QR code updates with proof of ownership, while the seller receives their payment and their identification is no longer tied to the ticket. Without the proper ownership, a ticket will be deemed invalid. 

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At UpFront we believe in creating the best experience possible for fans, artists, promotors, and all other parties involved the event.

No Scalping. Money from resold tickets goes to the fan selling, and those involved in creating the event. We take the profits from third party resale websites and scalpers and give them back

No more fraudulent tickets, giving fans the peace of mind they deserve and saving ticket sellers chargeback costs

Ensure the integrity of your brand and event. No more upset fans who overpaid for tickets or purchased fake tickets

Regulating resale based on the artist and promoters preferences, taking the power away from scalpers




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